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Paige9098   Eris  

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 Sick leopard gecko? Possibly impacted?

My 10 year old gecko has recently become very sick.

-She has been on calcium sand almost all her life until about two months ago when I realized the danger and switched to paper towels.
-There is an under tank heater that is on 24/7 (my room is in the basement so it can get chilly) and an overhead heater that is on during daylight hours.
-Her main food is crickets

I had to leave for three days and the sitter forgot to check on her. I fed her three small wax worms before I left (I know these are treats but we were out of crickets and meal worms and I didn’t want her to go hungry) and made sure her bowl was full with water. She seemed perfectly fine. When I got home I saw that she was severely dehydrated and her tank was trashed. She had taken all of her moss out of her house and pushed it into the bowl, soaking up all the water. Her tail is stick thin and her stomach is very bloated. There was a very liquidy poo in the corner with what looked like an undigested wax worm. Under a light you can see a dark mass around her chest area. We have been giving her warm baths and massaging her stomach, but she has yet to defecate. She has however been leaving this green slime around her tank, which I think is vomit. Also, after fixing her tank I caught her in the act of pushing the moss back towards the water and digging in the paper towels, something she has never done. I threw away all the moss and added a layer of sand on half of her tank in case she was needing to dig.

Thank you any help would be appreciated.

08/11/16  09:42am


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  Message To: Paige9098   In reference to Message Id: 2319271

 Sick leopard gecko? Possibly impacted?

You should get her to a vet right away. It sounds like she may have multiple concerns and may require more serious care than can be provided at home.

08/15/16  04:20pm

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