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 Malnourished Gecko?

Hello, my husband and I invested in a leopard gecko, Spike, about a month and a half ago. I assumed he was a baby when I bought him from the pet store (petsmart), he still has his spots in stripes on his back. At the time I obviously knew nothing about the geckos considering I have never owned a reptile. The more I educated myself on my leo, I found out he appears to be extremely underweight. I feed him as many crickets as he can eat in about ten minutes. They are larger crickets, as the pet store no longer sells medium sized and the small ones are too small. He doesn’t have any problems digesting them, he eats about three or four dusted with repticalcium. He is about three and a half to four inches long from his head to the tip of his tail. He has not grown much since I’ve had him (he shed three times), and his tail is not fattening up. He looks severely underweight, but is perfectly healthy. He’s a climber, he has normal BMs, he eats daily. Everything is in check. He just is very small. A few weeks ago we bought another leo, Atlas, and put him in the same tank as Spike. He is bigger than Spike but does not bully him. For those of you wondering how I know that, as I’ve been questioned before, I am home 24/7. My husband works three to midnight and we are up most of the night while they’re lively. During the day they just cuddle in their rock house. Atlas’s weight is perfect for his size and has been growing since we’ve had him, but I bought him at a different pet store with healthier looking leos. I’m just very worried about my little Spike!! I would attach am image but I’m not sure how to do that lol I’m not very tech savvy!

07/21/16  08:32am

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