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 My leopard gecko doesn’t eat a lot. Any advice?

So about a month ago, I adopted a leopard gecko couple. A male hypo tangerine and a female bell albino. The female is the one who doesn’t eat a lot. They get along well and have never fought from what I can see. Also, they are both a year old. You see, the female only eats 1 or 2 crickets per feeding. She isn’t skinny, and her tail isn’t completely skinny either. She is active, drinks and she poops. The couple has a 25-gallon tank. They are separated during feeding to avoid fights. The warm side is about 26 degrees Celsius and is heated with a heat lamp. I was thinking about switching to a heat mat. She’s friendly and easy to handle. Plus, she doesn’t seem to notice crickets when they are around her. Even when I try to feed her using tweezers. There hasn’t been a drop in her weight. She actually looks better right now than when we first got her. I was thinking of trying mealworms. Maybe syringe feeding? Any advice would be greatly appreciated :)

07/08/16  10:44pm

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