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 Leo Gecko keeps biting :(

I have a Leo Gecko who is 3 months old. I have had him for several weeks now and he won’t stop biting. He’s happy to let me rearrange his viv and refill his bowls, but if I keep my hand still in the tank he will approach slowly (inquisitively, not how he stalks the locusts) and then just before he reaches me, he’ll lunge and bite me. I’ve tried putting my scent on the floor and walls and hide, by rubbing my hand on it but nothing seems to have changed. I even tried putting ym hand up against the glass so he can get used to seeing it but he tried attacking me through the glass. I don’t know what else to try. I don’t want to just grab him in case he drops his tail, but I don’t want to continue the cycle of him biting me every’s kind of disheartening. I also need to clean his viv so I’m really stuck with what to do.
I appreciate any suggestions.

05/21/16  04:19pm


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 Leo Gecko keeps biting :(

Hello! How long have you had him? Does he have plenty of good hides? How often and how much are you feeding? Is he in a quiet or high traffic area of the house? Sounds to me like he is being defensive (Or maybe hungry). From my experience, young ones are more skittish and he may settle with age. If he is being defensive, he may just need some time to settle in and figure out that he is safe and you are not a threat. Seems you are doing every thing right, by going slow and letting him get used to you, however you may want to try a "less is more" approach. You could try to minimize close contact with him for a while, other than for feeding and a quick clean up. Then try hand feeding him a treat, like wax worms (and with tweezers so you don’t get bit). If he takes the treat, he should start to associate you and your hand being in the cage with a yummy snack.

05/24/16  07:52pm

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