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Crestielover21   Icearstorm  

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 Where do u guys get ur bugs if order bulk?

I found online 1000 crix 1000 mealies 36.99 free shipping from vm feeders off of Amazon. Is that reasonable? I pay .10 each cricket locally n 1.99 for 50 mealies i have the equipment n space to order bulk so figured id try it.

05/20/16  06:16am


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  Message To: Crestielover21   In reference to Message Id: 2318421

 Where do u guys get ur bugs if order bulk?

I used Petco to purchase 1000 3/4 inch long crickets in bulk for around $25 at with overnight delivery and a 72-hour guarantee. Mine arived with over 95% alive and they continued to live for another 1.5-2 months. I bred them, and now I have several hundred babies that are about 1/4 inch long. I’m quite happy with that bulk purchase, but do not recommend getting any directly from the store (they cost 2.5 times more and die a lot if you get them directly from some of the Petcos in my area, but perhaps cricket health is better at other store locations).
That price seems quite reasonable; just check the warranty, rating, and shipping time. If shipping takes over a couple of days, death rates can increase drastically, so try to get overnight if possible. Also, warranties should cover the insects for over a day; for crickets 48 hours is enough to know if they are healthy, but mealworms may need longer warranties.

05/22/16  01:45pm

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