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i am newbie to this little buddy,i glad to share about my Rex, little leopard gecko. i got Rex in last 2 week ago and i has a few question about she, first thing , she is about a length of index finger from heal to tail and yet to know her gender whether it’s male or female, she has a orange and light brown on her back and yellowish belly. she is quiet and refuse mealworm at first , after the first week, i offered a few small cricket to her but still don’t eat it until i caught she stalking the cricket and swallow a whole thing. Beside that, i realize one thing when she is responded to my chirping sound and go out see to happen outside the rock cave before feeding her and in one instance, when she not able to catch a the fast moving cricket, she will retreat into the rock cage and make a sort of clicking sound to lure a cricket into the rock cave, i don’t know if reptile possess a intelligently like a problem solving skill as some animal or it just a curiosity or it’s common hunting skill,but this little buddy impress me, however. Did anyone has experienced this before?

04/27/16  09:38am


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leopard geckos seem to be extremely smart animals so maybe..

06/01/16  09:48pm

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