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 Leopard Gecko Wont Open Eyes. Help!

Hello everyone. My 4yr old female Leo has been having a lot of problems with her eyes. A few weeks ago I noticed her squinting her left eye often. Other than that, she seemed perfectly fine. I started to get worried when she started to keep her left eye closed and was acting lethargic. I took her to the vet and they couldn’t find anything wrong with her eye. No stuck shed, no ulcers, nothing. About a week later I noticed a little white discharge coming from her left eye. In addition, it looked like the bottom half of her eyeball was cloudy. I took her back to the vet and he said he assumed it was caused by the loose sand in her cage (he wasn’t sure though). He told us to rinse her eye with saline and she will be fine.
It has been 5 days since that visit and now she is having problems with both of her eyes. She acts like she can’t open either eye and she is essentially blind, bumping into things. She obviously isn’t eating due to her inability to see. She’s very lethargic and stays in her humid hide about all the time. If I take her out of her cage she will open her right eye briefly and close it again. Both of her eyes visibly look fine now, no ulcers, discharge, shed, cloudiness. My vet refuses to believe it is an infection and claims it is from the sand. He won’t give me any antibiotics. My leo has has sand substrate for 4 years. I understand it could have affected one eye but what are the chances it affects both of them at the same time? Sounds like an infection to me.

Her tank is now carpet substrate. She has 3 hides, and a humid hide. She hasn’t always gotten enough calcium powder but now she does, I don’t think that was the issue. I never knew about vitamin powder until recently. She’s possibly vitamin a deficient? She mostly eats crickets. Lately she had been eating meal worms.

Please help! Thanks.

04/22/16  09:47pm


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 Leopard Gecko Wont Open Eyes. Help!

hello! Generally speaking, when an animal has an eye infection there should be some sort of discharge (green to yellowish). Ulcers or a scratches cause pain-making animals squint-that is typically diagnosed by adding a stain to the eye which will shine under a certain light. Although it take a long time to heal, I would assume if it was a scratch, you should see some improvement by now and I would not expect it to go to the other eye.

With your description, it does not sound like an eye infection to me... I would suspect more of a vitamin deficiently, vitamin A being the first culprit. (I once had a chameleon with a vit A deficient and my vet gave me oral vit A to administer.) I would seek consult with a specialist vet for possible further testing or treatment. And don’t feel bad to get a second opinion from a different vet. I work with vets every day and some are more set in their ways of treating than other, nothing personal, just how they are :)

04/24/16  05:07pm

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