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Tigress   Takahiro111  

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 Gecko impaction new development

We have had our two young geckos, Dodongo and Yuga for a little over a month now, and 2 weeks ago Dodongo got impaction. (They were on sand with a jungle subsitrate shed box, now on newsprint.) thanks to a long previous post on this forum he started passing very sandy poop. We continued a bath every other night, giving him water with pureed cricket in it which he happily took out of a syringe. Hes even started hunting mealworms and small crickets at feeding time, but we just noticed sonething new. He has a squishy pocket on his belly. Its clear and causes no pain or discomfort but weve never seen it before or can find anything. Any help is appreciated. Vets are an hour away by car and since he started passing we cancelled the appointment with her advice.

02/11/16  02:18pm


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 Gecko impaction new development

If its squishy will a fluid filled pocket I can only think of blisters,cyst, or abscess. If he’s impacted don’t feed mealworms, their exoskeletons are hard to somewhat digest anyway. You’ll need to see a vet about this new problem and if your animal is impacted you should see a vet regardless too see how the situation is because things can go from bad to worse before you know it, also to help with digestion/pass the sand out his gut give warm soaks with a nice,soft belly rub/massage and make sure he has some good basking temps and ambient temps on both sides. But its good he’s passing stool that indicates hes not facing a sever bowel obstruction from the sand.

Hoping he gets better.

02/11/16  05:44pm

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