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Chorusfrog   Takahiro111  

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 Umm, new to Leopard Geckos, need advice asap please

So, I found a lady outside of the Midwest Reptile Expo today. It was 16 degrees Fahrenheit and she was holding a leopard gecko in a box. She was asking people if they wanted it because she couldn’t care for it anymore. I would get the box and I looked inside and there was a 8-9 inch albino leopard gecko, turned out to be a tremper albino. I said I’d take it because nobody else was and took it straight home. I put it in a ten gallon tank w/ some decor, and the thing ate like it was starved. I have no experience with Leo’s and really need help... Parents said I could keep him though, and I am. But I really need some help. What do they eat, can they eat crickets, is the ten gallon ok, reptile carpet or dirt, stuff like that. THX SO MUCH LUV U GUYS!!!!

01/17/16  03:22pm


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  Message To: Chorusfrog   In reference to Message Id: 2316604

 Umm, new to Leopard Geckos, need advice asap please

Hot temps: high 80s with a 90- low 90s basking spot
Cool temps: 75-80 with night temps being similar
Diet: variety of insects with calcium D3 dust weekly
Light: nocturnal animal so uvb isn’t necessary heat mat/bulb can be used
Substrate: I hate sand but some still use it, carpet,newspaper, tile,paper(no ink)
Housing: 10 gal is small in my opinion so 20gal or bigger
Décor: large rocks,plants etc....

***Note: don’t get substrate that helps or holds humidity also use caution when using certain decor/accessories because they can fall or hurt themselves in ways you’d think is impossible. Don’t grab the tail or they’ll break it off and tails are important to leos even though it’ll grow back!

01/17/16  04:32pm

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