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 Convincing my mom to bring my geckos home from my dads

So I visit my dad on the weekends and I keep mine/his two leopard geckos there. During the week my dad doesn’t have much time anymore to care for them and he would have to give them away. He did say if I could convince my mom that I could keep them because I would be devastated if I couldn’t see them anymore. I’m trying to make a really good persuasive "pitch" on why I should be able to keep them at the house. I have all the stuff they need and love you! dad says he will buy the food for me as well. I need tips and advice for how to go about this?? cause I really gotta make it good for my best chances of being able to keep them. They’re like my children I can’t let my dad give them away. Help!!!!

01/08/16  06:01pm


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  Message To: Bellaab   In reference to Message Id: 2316471

 Convincing my mom to bring my geckos home from my dads

Tell her how small they are and how they don’t pose a threat to anyone. Get some locks to show her they won’t be able to escape. Show how responsible you are and you can even ask your dad to be a personal reference so he can speak to your mom how you can take care of them and he’ll help. Show her pictures/videos on how docile they are. And last is basically acting so you’ll have to be making seem as if your about to cry and go to your room...mother’s usually approve after this.

01/08/16  07:45pm


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  Message To: Takahiro111   In reference to Message Id: 2316472

 Convincing my mom to bring my geckos home from my dads

I would ask her what her specific concern is. Is she concerned about having a reptile in the house? The cost of long term care? That you will get board with him and it will become her job to care for him? Fear of contracting an illness?

Once you find out why she is opposed to it, then you can begin to make your case. Be sure that you are able to answer any questions that your mom may throw at you about taking care and safety. Be as knowledge as you can to show her your passion and maturity. Figure out how much it costs for his care annually-such as food, housing, lights, so she can see how inexpensive geckos are and that you are planning for his future. Have the name and number of a local reptile vet on hand, if ever needed.

Also I would let her know that gecko is in your care and you are trying to be a responsible pet owner and want to be sure he receives the best care possible. All too often people think of pets as disposable, especially when it comes to pocket pets. I applause you for realizing that he needs more attention and taking a stand to love this little guy who is obviously a big part of your life.

Good luck and keep us posted!

02/16/16  06:49pm

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