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Partybob   Takahiro111  

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 Leopard Gecko with abcess

My friend has a Leopard Gecko with a big abcess on his face and shes very concerned as hes very underweight(through no fault her own shes just adopted him). No idea how to upload a pic but I do have one. She has finally found a vet willing to see him this afternoon but I was wondering if theres any advice for making him more comfortable, getting him to feed Etc. Thanks in advance

09/29/15  08:39am


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  Message To: Partybob   In reference to Message Id: 2315036

 Leopard Gecko with abcess

The vet should be able to drain it depending on the size or give medication but to save you time and money make sure its a good vet specializing in reptiles

09/29/15  09:03pm

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