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 "Feral" Geckos Bullying Blind Tank Mate

Okay, so I have 3 Leopard Geckos. When we bought them, we were told they were all female, and we bought two of them as a pair of sisters (Starburst and Cookie). My brother had them in his room for a few years before my mom brought them downstairs, then we found out a few things; He never handled them, so now they are very territorial and have bitten my sister and my dad, and recently drew blood on me; We’re pretty sure he never cleaned the cage once, and our friend at the pet store where we buy our crickets thinks the 3rd gecko (Alice) went blind from the ammonia in the cage.

So now I’m charged with taking care of these girls and I need some help. First off I have to feed Alice by hand because she can’t see the crickets well enough to catch them. The bigger of the sisters, Starburst, seems to have gotten jealous? She bit Alice on the face while I was feeding her pretty bad, and now Alice has a huge gash on her head. I can’t pick her up without being bitten so I don’t know how to care for her wound and I’m a little worried about infection. I’m also pretty sure the sisters bully her because she has some other marks on her and she hardly ever comes out of hiding. I often have to rearrange the tank just to feed her.

Also I’m wondering if there’s a way to domesticate the geckos even though they’re a few years old now and quite mean. Cookie is quite aggressive towards people, she’s the one who bit my hand when I wasn’t paying attention, and she got me pretty good. She will try to sneak up on me when I’m feeding Alice, much in the way Starburst will sneak up on Alice.

I am growing fairly attached to them, and it truly saddens me to see how aggressive such docile lizards have become out of neglect. Is there any way I can help them?

09/21/15  03:16am

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