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 Substrate and humidity

I just got my first pet and he is a patternless Leopard gecko. I got him from a co-worker and he is about 9 years old. I have seen that sand is bad, and that is what is currently in his tank. The person I got him from said sand is ok after they are big enough not to get it compacted anymore. I recently saw something called vita-sand at Petsmart that says is ground up calcium and vitamins and is ok for leopard geckos and wont cause impaction. Any ideas on this? Also, do they like to be dry or humid?

09/08/14  07:13pm


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 Substrate and humidity

They like it dry so under 30% but they like high temps..and sand is bad period but some people use paper towel because its safer and easier to clean.

09/08/14  10:24pm


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  Message To: Takahiro111   In reference to Message Id: 2309569

 Substrate and humidity

Petshop sands are the scourge of the lizard industry. It says it’s 100% digestible, but in reality it gums up in the gecko’s gut and blocks everything from passing, and they’re encouraged to eat it. Never buy anything that promotes itself as calcium sand. Calcisand and Vitasand are the worst offenders. Another bad one is crushed walnut shell, like Lizard Litter, which tears up the insides of the lizard. Most leopard geckos and bearded dragons in the pet world die from impaction due to eating calcium sand.

Leopard geckos in the wild live on and around rocky outcrops in arid terrain, and not in the center of endless sand deserts. Humidity should be around 30%. The best substrates are slate and rough tile.

You can also use non-adhesive shelf liner, repticarpet, and papertowel. Ie, stuff they can’t eat.

09/14/14  12:40pm

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