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Gabriel de   KrazyKelli  

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Gabriel de
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 Questions about morph+morph=?

A couple simple questions: if i pair a shtct (poss. Enigma) with a bell what will i get? Also what would a blizzard+bell=? And last what would that hetbell het blizzard produce if crossed with a bell? Thank u.

09/08/14  07:07am


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 Questions about morph+morph=?

To know what you’d end up with, you have to have a firm grasp of recessive and passive genes. If a gecko is het for something, it means that if you pair it up with another gecko that is het for the same thing, there’s a percentage of a chance that you’ll end up with geckos that end up being that gene. Ie, put two ’het’ albino’s together, you’ll end up with a few geckos that are albino. You’ll also get some normal types that will carry the albino genes.

Ugh.... it’s complicated past that. Here, I’ll link you to the set of genetics.


09/14/14  12:44pm

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