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Megs_Dragons   Atlas 2010   Baja  

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 Sick Gecko

I just adopted a leopard gecko who is 5 yrs old. She was doing ok, but today she’s not as interested in food and has gone a pasty pale yellow colour. Taking her to vets ASAP but is there anything you guys can suggest. I feel just awful.

08/09/12  11:05pm


Atlas 2010
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  Message To: Megs_Dragons   In reference to Message Id: 2276316

 Sick Gecko

She might be shedding. If her colors are dulling and she’s not accepting food then that’s probably it, but it would help if you could post some pictures.

08/09/12  11:11pm


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  Message To: Atlas 2010   In reference to Message Id: 2276319

 Sick Gecko

Do you have a humid hide?

08/10/12  11:42am

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