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Gibbsfamily   Atlas 2010  

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 Watery eye / shrinking tail

Wondering if anyone has any advice for us. We have had our lizard for 3 years now and had gotten him when he was small. He’s grown quite a bit and done great until recently.

His tail began to thin and we had thought about the possibility of impaction based on what we’ve read here. However, he does not have sand in his tank (reptile mat). He has had a consistant diet of meal worms and crickets (more meal worms than crickets). His location in the house has remained the same the entire time as well.

The other concern we have is that his left eye has been watery when open. Often times he will try to keep it closed. We do not see shed or any sort of object in his eye.

We feel that there is a possibility that his tail thinning is only a result of his lack of appetite due to another injury, likely his eye. Any ideas? We have seen people post about using saline in the eye with success and thought we might give that a try. Any information or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


05/02/12  10:37pm


Atlas 2010
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 Watery eye / shrinking tail

Because there are few symptoms so far, the only advice I can give is take it to a vet. The tail thinning could be due to crpyto, a very deadly disease, or parasites, which are for the most part cureable. The eye could be a result of the two or an eye infection.

05/03/12  08:33pm

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