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Herpetophobiak   TheGeckoGuy  

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 Leopard geckos for new homes

I am currently breeding leopard geckos and as much as I would love to keep all the tiny lil’ babies, I cannot. I will have a clutch healthy and ready to go by march, so tell me if you’re interested, they are magnificent morphs going for a good price (none over 40$+shipping) I am personally not in the hobby for money but to put happy faces on my customers and work alongside some of the most magnificent creatures mother earth has offered. But understand that I still need money to take care of the reptiles. However I believe my offer is astounding and I can say that I wish I had the same opportunity when I was getting mine. No, mine were not over-priced but I did pay a good 200$ or so on just the animals. I will update pictures shortly.

01/21/16  01:34pm


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 Leopard geckos for new homes

I will think about getting one in the future , but for now I am good with the one.

07/24/17  01:21pm

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