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 Possible incubator

ok so i have two female and one male leopard gecko. before i dive into anything i want to say i still have a LOT of research to do on breeding leopard geckos not to mention my male is months away from being sexually mature. anyways i just began researching incubators. i am probably going to build my own by in my search for digital thermostats to control the temp of heat mats i came across a germination station. now obviously it is made for plants, but i was thinking it could work as an incubator as well. of course i would have to make a couple adjustments, but it seems to be set up just about the same as a reptile incubator would need to be set up. anyways looking on more expert opinions as to if you all think this would work. here is the link to the germination station: Link

01/17/14  12:32am

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