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So I just purchased a male leopard gecko that was labeled "proven breeder" today, I came home and placed him in a cage with two of my females. And boy, they were not lying!!!! He has been in there about 4 hours and has mated with both of them twice(that i have seen, could be more). And he keeps trying to mate with them still. I have read about overbreeding, what is overbreeding? What counts as overbreeding? Is he overbreeding? lol I guess my question is, is this normal? and how much mating is overbreeding?

06/09/12  08:47pm


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well you can’t normally over breed a male. but i am sure you can. female on the other hand can overbreed. but to over breed then actually have to breed. if she/he is not fighting when the other tries to breed then your ok.

06/14/12  10:55pm

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