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Rae rae
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 How many of you show off your leos?

So how many people on here will show off your leos to perfect strangers? Lol! I do find myself showing off pics of my babies if any of my clients seem interested in reptiles. I had a client that came in the other day and she expressed interest in reptiles. I asked her if she knew about leos, and she said no. So OF COURSE I had to break out my iphone and start to show her pics! The vet just shook her head and walked away from me haha! She’s not an exotic vet and doesn’t really have interest in them like I do needless to say. I could show off pics of my dogs (since my clients are normally there with their dog), or I could even show off the pics of my 14 month old son...but nope...the leos always win haha!

05/09/12  08:43pm

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