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Asher1027   Rae rae  

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 Eggs laid and Questions!

I had eggs laid about a week or two ago and they are doing great! But I was wondering what to expect. Because the Father is a snake eyed RAPTOR (Bought from Designer Geckos) and the Mother is an Albino Mack Snow, now iv’e seen mack snow RAPTORs (MSR) before, but will the baby look any different from a normal MSR because of the mother being albino mack snow? Thanks!

First time breeding leopard geckos before also!

05/01/12  06:22pm


Rae rae
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  Message To: Asher1027   In reference to Message Id: 2264957

 Eggs laid and Questions!

Just depends on what all genes the parents are carrying. It’s one big guessing game!!! And that’s part of the excitement for me! And even after mine hatch...I still don’t know what they’ll end up looking like in the end. Good luck on your first year breeding. The very first baby I saw hatch out was like Christmas morning for me!

05/02/12  02:14pm

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