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Rae rae
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 More eggs!!

I know it seems pathetic to post just about eggs...but I am very excited! I now have a whole 4 eggs incubating lol! It feels good to get back in the game! Already have people interested in them! And funny enough even my boss (veterinarian) is interested. She actually doesn’t see exotics at all, and has never showed any interest in reptiles. But asked me today about getting one for her son! Haha! Leos always win people over!

02/28/12  12:20am


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  Message To: Rae rae   In reference to Message Id: 2257112

 More eggs!!

Rae Rae - may I ask what kind of incubator you are using?

Do you have plans to house them long term just in case the ones that are interested fall through?

I have seen many people who get into leos, deciding they want to breed and it starts to get overwhelming when you have so many mouths to feed - in the end - it is the leos that suffer and I just want to make sure you are ready for the long term care of them....Better to be prepared....

02/28/12  08:02am


Rae rae
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  Message To: PCR2011   In reference to Message Id: 2257126

 More eggs!!

See, that’s what this forum is about! giving people advice! It feels wonderful to get back to basics!! Lol!

But, I use a hovabator. I have had them for almost 7 years and have been breeding them for about 5 years. I took a break from breeding leos...and bred myself! Haha!! I have an 11 month old now!

I do know what it takes to keep, house, feed, etc the babies. Done it many times now. I do have the resources to keep ones if needed. Over the years I have accumulated PLENTY of tanks, lights, uth, carpets, bowls, hides, etc. And to be honest...I actually am interested in keeping a couple depending on morph. I had a crazy accident one year where I decided to keep one baby....looked like it would be some kind of cool jungle pattern. Somehow it actually got out of the container and my cat killed it overnight. Well unfortunately I do not have the cat any longer (killing the leo was not the reason), and the escaping problem was solved and fixed as well.

There is only one other breeder in the entire area of leos. And actually I spoke with him about 2 weeks ago, and he is really not even breeding them any longer. He is focusing on fat tails now. I also have a local pet shop that is interested/willing to purchase them. And this is not like petsmart or petco...this pet shop actually cares for their animals. They are very well taken care of. And I can speak of the care in places like petsmart because I was the lead of the animal dept at Petsmart for a while. I had to make a good few changes to the care of their animals while I was there...and I’m sure that stopped as soon as I was gone.

And as far as vet care goes...I BELIEVE in vets!! I always take my animals to the vet if necessary. I am the head tech at a vet clinic. So of course my dogs are kept up on everything. The vet, however, does not see exotics. So I have always paid the money to see the exotic vet in the area with my leos. I am not wealthy by any means...but I make sure my kids and animals are cared for.

But thanks for asking! And I actually really mean that! It’s good to know that people still care!

02/29/12  12:33am


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  Message To: Rae rae   In reference to Message Id: 2257214

 More eggs!!

I know what you mean, im so happy to have atleast 8 fertile eggs already cooking! Im so excited to see my first little hatchling sitting in the icubator, even though i do this every year lol.

But this season im expecting some killer eclipse stripes and nice tangs. My tremper project hasnt started yet since the females arent even ovulating! And my paradox project will be waiting till next season for the right male.

Let us know when you get the first babies!


04/03/12  11:30am

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