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Rae rae
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 Incubation question

Hi, so it’s been FOREVER since I’ve posted on this. I have had my leos for over 6 years now (starting with my first one) and this forum has taught me a lot on my babies. I haven’t bred my leos in a while because of a few reasons. Main reason is I took some time off and bred myself! Lol! I now have an almost 1 year old little boy.

Anyway, I decided to breed this year and placed my leos together I believe about 2 months ago. I have one male and three females...and they are all in a 55 gallon aquarium. I feed them pinkies (which I also breed myself) during breeding season to keep them plump. Of course along with meal worms and crickets as well.

Last night when I went to feed them I realized one of my females wouldn’t eat. I know for a fact that normally she is a VERY aggressive eater so then I knew for sure she was about to lay. Picked her up and did possibly see an egg. She is my squirmiest out of all of them even from the beginning. Does NOT like to be handled at all...even from a baby. So I made sure all substrate, moist hides and everything was perfect for her. Today I checked on her and found that she was in the moist hide and had laid an egg that was buried. Then I realized OMG, I don’t have the incubator plugged in!!! So I plugged it in and got it to the right temp...I keep mine at around 83 to 85. So then I did my normal procedure of removing the container, marking the top of the egg, removing it, and placing it in the container into the incubator.

Then I realized that I have forgotten EVERYTHING!! How long does it take for them to hatch? What temp produces males vs females? I’m pretty sure I remember the temp I normally use...and I know that whatever one I used was supposed to produce a mix of males and females.

One more long do leos normally live? I have read up to 20 years...but that’s like saying a Chihuahua can live up to 18. Chihuahuas don’t normally live that long. So is 20 years a normal age or is that a stretch? Guess I got worried tonight because my oldest leo is like 6-7 years old. She’s my BABY! Her name is flower and she is the best natured gecko ever! Lol!

Sorry for sounding stupid or uneducated. I have a bad memory...and I know everyone on here is sooo knowledgeable about these guys that I figured I would ask you instead of searching a million websites. Thanks!

02/05/12  11:30pm


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 Incubation question

Congrats on having a baby!

Glad to hear your getting back in leos.

Hatching time varies depending on what temp you incubate at. Females 80-83, 84-85 is both, and 86-89 is male. Anything above 89 will be a hot female, they are extremely aggressive and will never allow a male to breed with them. (IMO 89 is pushing it too).

They CAN live up to 20 years but thats an amazing life for a leo, my first male passed away last year at 8 years old. My next oldest is a female who is about 8 now. Her egg production has gone down and ive noticed that she has become more prone to tiny problems like shedding, eye infections, stuff like that. I bumped her temps up about 2 degrees and she seems to be doing much better.

Good luck with all your future plans, i hope to see some hatchlings eventually.


02/06/12  01:05pm


Rae rae
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  Message To: Leah123   In reference to Message Id: 2254193

 Incubation question

And WOW!! I learn something new everyday! Had no idea that these hot females existed. And the age actually makes me sad. I did have my older female with the male last year...just never separated them. And she never laid one egg. So her egg production has definitely gone down. And she has had shedding problems in the past year or two...especially with her feet. I have had to soak her a few times. I have fixed that problem by buying a cat watering bowl and placed in there with her. She soaks herself in it. And since she’s 6-7 years old, I hope that’s not the end of her!!!

But thank you for the info!! It was definitely appreciated!

02/06/12  11:38pm

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