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Nwrider   Atlas 2010   PCR2011  

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 Breeding Process

Hey so Im gonna be moving home in a few months and have a whole lot of spare time and figured I would try my hand in breeding as I used to raise a few leos of my own. I was wondering if anybody here would be so kind as to tell me as much as they possibly can about what I will need as far as the breeding goes I know for the most part how to keep them. I was going to keep 2 females in a 20g long tank and a lone male in a 20g tank by himself.

any tips and advice would be awesome. thanks!

01/08/12  12:30am


Atlas 2010
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 Breeding Process

Before you read up on a caresheet, be sure you’re ready to spend a lot of extra money. Many breeders believe at first that buisness will be booming and that their geckos will sell quickly; this is not true. It all depends on your location and the demand for geckos in your area. Even if you don’t want to sell them, females can lay up to 16 eggs a season; that’s 16 extra mouths to feed and care for.

01/08/12  10:09am


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 Breeding Process

I breed leos and it can be a hit and miss hobby. Alot does depend on location along with the quality of the leos.

I do have returning customers so it is nice. I have more than doubled my money back this last season but I put alot of time into my leos.....

Really depends on how big your passion is and where it stems from...

Do you wanna breed for the satisfaction and enjoyment or do you want to breed simply to make money..

One thing, if you decide to breed, ensure that you can house all the hatchling and provide proper care for each and everyone long term just in case you don’t sell right away...

02/16/12  03:41pm

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