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 First Time Breeding

Hi - I’ve owned leopard geckos for years. I am finally starting to try to breed. I have a 75 gallon tank with pergo flooring on the bottom. There are 3 temps in the cage - 70/80/90.
I have a yearling male blizzard/mac snow - he’s about 50 grams and I have a female that’s not a normal but not sure what she is and my other female is a super hypo tangerine carrot tail baldy who is about 25-30 grams

She has laid 2 clutches of eggs so far and the first ones i caught too late. These i caught within a few hours of being laid. I have them in a plastic shoebox with vermiculite in it and the temp in there ranges from 78-82 but i’m having trouble with the humidity. There isn’t enough - how do i put more in it? I have’t candled them yet as i heard it takes about 2 weeks in to tell. The eggs look good so far - no mold (of course there’s no moisture LOL) but i don’t want them to get all dented and sunken in either. It’s been about a week since they were laid so i’m trying to catch anything before anything bad can happen. Any help would be awesome.

08/04/11  08:47pm


Back-woods Gecko
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 First Time Breeding

A 25-30 gram female is too small to be safely bred. If your female weighs this little because she is young, she is at risk of becoming egg bound. If she weighs this little because she is thin, she may not be able to handle the weight loss that most gravid females endure during breeding season and is at risk of egg binding. You should not house females with a male until they weigh 55-60 grams at the least.

You may want to consider purchasing an incubator to keep your eggs at more stable temperatures. Temperature fluctuations during the incubation period can cause deformed hatchlings (though there is some controversy regarding this topic). To keep the humidity up in your incubation container, buy an air-tight container. Mix 1 part vermiculite with .8 parts water to use as an incubation medium. Keep the lid on the container throughout the incubation period and do not poke holes in the container. Open the container once a week to allow air exchange. Also, it does not take 2 weeks to be able to candle the eggs in my experience. I candle my eggs soon after they are layed and after a couple of days. Be sure to mark the top of the eggs (I use Sharpie). They must stay upright after the first couple of weeks of the incubation period. If turned, the embryo can drown.


08/08/11  09:14pm

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