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 Aggressive Male!

Hi I have a male and female leopard gecko and i have successfully gotten some babies before the the past with this female but with a different male than i have now. The one i have is very aggressive and last time i put her in his cage he bit off her tail. it has been a long time since then and her tail is grown back almost to the same size. But what should i do about that? should i put them in seperate containers but close so they can see each other for a while? or should i feed both of them before i put them together? Please help me out i dont want my female hurt again!
Thanks alot

08/02/11  09:08am


Back-woods Gecko
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 Aggressive Male!

Your male’s response to your female was most likely not caused by hunger. When introducing a male and female to eash other, you should never put the female into the male’s enclosure. This is very dangerous as it can cause the male to become territorial. I introduce my breeding pairs in an empty container or put the male into the female’s enclosure. I always monitor introductions.

Breeding leopard geckos puts the health of your geckos at risk. If you want to be sure that your female will not get hurt, do not breed her.

08/03/11  05:33pm

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