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 Breeding Question!

So this is my second attempt at breeding leopard geckos, the first time didn’t go over to well because the male had no clue what to do. A few months back I went to a reptile show and bought myself a male, I believe it was in October. Anyway, I did my research and got every thing set up for breeding my Leo’s. The females are fine weight wise, they are about 3-4 years old. To old? I didn’t really think so, and the male is about 1 years old. I witnessed my spotted Leo mating with the male, afterward he licked his self which is normal from what I read up on. But about 10 minutes later the female was attempting to do the same. Wasn’t sure if that was normal? ( She is definitely a girl). I went to work, when I came home around 5 or 6 I went to check on them and noticed that the female that mated a few hours earlier her vent was a little bruised it looked like. Any thoughts? Is it because she is sore down there? I am a little worried, oh and I have separated them at this moment. The reason being is because he was in the same cage with the other female for about 3 days, and only came across the spotted female today. They are all separated now. If you want some pictures I can take some and post them.

03/20/11  09:00pm

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