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 More eggs

Today I got more eggs from a tangerine female that was bred to an albino male. Right now I am up to 8 eggs. I havent done much breeding recently because Ive been getting alot of snakes. But today I had some free time and I introduced three females with three males. I did see some breeding to.
1: I bred a giant tremper albino male to a normal female
2:I bred a extreme tangerine male to a blizzard female that has a cool paradox spot.(I have no idea what to expect from this clutch)
3: I bred a tangerine designer male to a tangerine female.(This tangerine female is the sister to the one that just layed eggs.)
Later this year I am going to be breeding a male raptor to a female mack snow het for raptor to hopefully produce dreamsicles.
I will also breed the male raptor to my sunglow raptor female, a super snow tremper female(possibly not sure yet) and my diablo blanco female.’The diablo blanco female is breeding size but she doesnt feel like breeding right now.

02/27/11  12:45am

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