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 Not eating albino

Hi there not sure if this is be the right place, I have 2 geckos a hypo I believe and an albino for last 3 days I have not seen the albino eat, I have tried locust, crickets, meal worms and Mario worms will be trying silkworms again in a few days

the hypo would quite happily eat and eat, I wonder if it is down to weather outside becoming cooler or could it be something a bit more serious

I think she eats or eats something as I think she is poops

if it comes to it I do have a second viv, but if I can help not splitting them up would prefer it any advice would be very helpful thanks

10/11/16  11:56am


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  Message To: DFD25   In reference to Message Id: 2319618

 Not eating albino

Your hypo could be hogging the food try feding them in seperate tanks.

10/18/16  11:57am

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