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 Knob tail help please.........

Hi guys i seen the boring post this will give yous something to do for abit,
Im thinking about getting a knobtail gecko (Nephrurus Levis Occidentalis ) i just have some questions for you guys to answer.

1. What size tank do i need for 2 of them.
2. can you handle them.
3. what lighting do i need.
4. what heating do i need.
5. if they bite does it hurt lol.
6. can you use sand for substance.
7 can you all post pics of your knobtails and tank setups please so i can get an idea.

well there you go guys gives yous something to do and an excuse to show off your knobtails as well.


03/19/07  05:45am


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 Knob tail help please.........

well this is a boring part of the forum hehehehe

03/20/07  05:33am


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  Message To: Greentreefroglover   In reference to Message Id: 1215299

 Knob tail help please.........

Well, I have a Smooth Knob Tail (Nephrurus Levis Levis)..

Sometimes he looks like this...

Sometimes he looks like this...

I really donít know the difference between the one youíre talking about and mine...I keep mine on sand because they NEED to burrow. Iíve heard and read theyíre a "no touch" gecko...their skin is sensitive and can sluff off. I keep mine in a 20 gallon...I donít use any lighting...I use an under tank heater...warm side in the high 80s...I mist everyday and soak two spots very well...I make kinda like wet on the cool side and one on the warm side...he tunnels and digs and the wetness helps keep the tunnels all formed. You can get a lot more info from the folks here.

Good luck!!


03/20/07  10:59pm


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  Message To: Xanadu   In reference to Message Id: 1216302

 Knob tail help please.........

hi everyone, im new to the forums. im from AUS and keep a few knob tails.
greentreefroglover- Nephrurus levis occidentalis is a sub species of N.levis levis. Just the same as N.L. pilbarensis. They look a bit different but should be kept in the same conditions. An adult pair can be kept in a 2ft tank with any type of fine sand as a substrate( i use red desert sand). Keep the sand moist at one end and dry at the other so they have the option of digging. Place a hide cave at each end of the enclosure so they can thermoregulate. Heating can be supplied by using a heat mat or heat cord. No UVB is required as they are nocturnal and wouldnt be exposed to it in the wild anyway. They have very powerful jaws for their size but a bite from one wont hurt. They can be held but it is advised to keep it too a minimum and only handle when necessary.
goodluck with your new arrivals

05/11/07  09:32pm

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