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 Golden gecko help

Hi everyone, I would like some help taking care of my golden gecko Astrid, she’s turned a dark color, her belly looks a bit dry, and she isn’t moving as much as when I got her about a week ago. This all began when I fed her crickets for the first time, the man at the reptile store (not a big company like pet co or pet smart) told me to wait 4 days and then feed her 4 crickets, so that’s what I did, then I read on here that I should feed her 3-6 crickets every day or every other day, so I fed her the next day as well, along with today. The rank is 70-80 degrees at all time, and the humidity is about 77%. Also sometimes it looks like she’s not breathing, and I found her with her head flopped over while she was climbing on the leaves, please help!

02/04/17  03:14pm

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