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 Goldie missing toes? Calcium deficiency?

Hello friends! A few weeks ago, I cleaned my goldie’s cage as well as redesigned the interior. He was pretty pissed off and I let him be to get used to it. However, the first time I tried to feed him a cricket since changing his set-up, I hadn’t provided enough hides up at the top of the case, and he ran out the top in an effort to hide.

Long story short, I made a grab for him and he dropped about half his tale. Since then, I’ve put paper on the sides of the case and tried to leave him alone as much as possible while also upping the frequency of his water mister. I also added more hiding places higher up.

It seems like he’s starting to do a little better but hasn’t been eating for the last couple weeks since the incident. I put banana with mealworms, sprayed with liquid vitamin, in his bowl every evening in the hopes that he’ll eat something and not get a calcium deficiency.

He’s now beginning to move around more frequently and seeks out his heat lamp instead of hiding in one place all the time.

However, today I noticed him on the wall of his cage and it looks like he’s missing some toes on his right hand - or they’ve shrunk. Does this indicate a calcium deficiency? What should I do?

I haven’t taken him to the vet yet because I thought the extra stress might finish him off!

Thank you so much!

09/23/13  08:35pm


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  Message To: R.CarlosGecko   In reference to Message Id: 2301309

 Goldie missing toes? Calcium deficiency?

He looks to have good color tone in the pic, but it’s too far away to get an in depth inspection of the toes.

Sometimes when the gecko lifts their foot, their toes fold back on themselves, then return to normal when placed back down. And sometimes the toe is literally stepped on, making it seem like it isn’t there. If this isn’t the case and the problem hasn’t magically fixed itself, read on.

If he’s actually missing the last digits, it isn’t because of calcium deficiency. It’s because he’s either been low to the ground and the crickets chewed them off, or he had a bad shed resulting in shed strapping around the toes and cutting off circulation. You would’ve noticed a problem to a toe or two before the later would’ve happened, or that a shed didn’t go well. A third possibility is that his foot was caught or smashed between something in the tank and the wall - but once again you would’ve seen the deterioration of the toes before they went.

Calcium loss would result in something called Metabolic Bone Disease. This results in the bones turning rubbery and deforming in horrible ways. It affects the arms, legs, jaw, and spine. And the first signs of it are shaky walking and twitching. There’s a danger to giving a gecko too much calcium with D3 as well, and that’s D3 toxicity (which also shows signs of twitchy walking). He’ll be fine if you spike some fruit or mealies with calcium once a week, and he’ll be fine in the long run if he goes without for a while and goes back on it when he gets over the tail loss. I wouldn’t go overboard on it, though.

09/29/13  06:37pm


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  Message To: KrazyKelli   In reference to Message Id: 2301415

 Goldie missing toes? Calcium deficiency?

On the by, I feel for you over the tail loss. When I first bought my goldie, the person at the pet store ripped off his tail. Thankfully it’ll regrow quick and look great again in a few months. It’ll look ugly and dark brownish in the beginning.

09/29/13  06:39pm

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