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 New problems with my goldie

I got a female Golden Gecko from my neighbor. She had gotten the gecko from a friend several months before I being given to me. They had a red heat lamp over the tank 24/7, no day bulb. They never misted the tank or checked humidity levels. They fed her crickets 2-3 times a week. They never cleaned her tank. They used coco fiber substrate and they had two rotted out looking wood pieces with many holes in them. She was a dark grayish green with dark grey legs.

I immediately changed her tank. I created a live vivarium for her, with safe plants and other silk plants and vines. Two wood pieces bought from the pet store. Organic soil for the plants with 1 1/2 inch layer of clean coco fiber on top. I got her a day bulb. I keep the tank in high 80’s during the day, and 70’s at night. I mist 2-3 times a day bringing the humidity to 80-100% but drops to 60-70 rang between mistngs. The tank is a good size, with a height of 24".

She refused crickets, geck diet, baby food, vitamins. ... everything for 2 1/2 wks. Then she finally accepted mushed banana. Then with vitamins were added to her bananas, she refused it. When I mushed up a cricket and added that to her bananas she spit it out. 3 days later she accepted and ate 6 mealworms. (Btw, she lightened up a bit in color after 1 wk of proper heat and misting). It is now 2 days later.... I have new concerns. She has not stuck to the tank walls in 2 days. She is now dark again. She does not have any muck stuck to her pads. The tank is not too wet. Its not too dusty or dry either. She has hardly moved, only once or twice (each day & night) to switch hiding places... on the ground or close to it on the wood or under or on top of her log hide. Tonight, it is 77 in her tank. She has proper humidity. She has been on her log hide for 5 hours and has not moved. Her head is resting on the log... which I’ve never seen her do before. She is still breathing though. She left the log once to check her dish... and not happy with the gecko diet, returned to the top of the log. So its night time... she is not active. . And not trying to hide either.

Until 2 days ago, she was active. Climbing. Jumping. Sticking. Just not eating. And correction to what I said earlier... yes these issues arose 2 days ago.. but the mealworm feast was yesterday evening. So I don’t think its a result of eating them. She never before had issues with activity. Not even before I got her. I’ve had her now for almost a month.

I’m very worried. I have experience with geckos. But this is my first Goldie. I do not handle her, because she hates it. I do not bother her, though I check on her several times a day without disturbing her. I’m really really worried.

08/21/13  11:58pm


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  Message To: AmbsGecko   In reference to Message Id: 2300573

 New problems with my goldie

Also.... tbe day before she began acting ill like this her old owner came by to visit and wbile I was in the shower took her out. Without my permission i might add. The goldie freaked out and escaped. It took me about 30 mins to find her, then another 10 to coax her out from under the dresser. She had jumped from my neighbor hand to the floor... then run under the dresser. My neighbor was standing and she is 5 foot 4 inches tall ( I’m estimating). I’m sure this scared the crap out of the gecko (whose name is Freddie bcause the previous owner thought she was a male house gecko.... *irritated eye roll*).

Did stress spike a parasite issue?
Does she have a bone disease that just spiked?
Not broken limbs... she seems to walk fine. That is, the rare times she does move.

I’m so sad for her. Should I give it a week to see if she recovers or get a vet asap?

Since I started the post, she has lifted her head and shifted position slightly.. but is still on top of her log hide. I’ve spent nearly 45 mins on this post.

*want to cry*
My poor Freddie .... :(

1 female crestie
1 male crestie
2 female leos
1 female goldie

08/22/13  12:10am


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  Message To: AmbsGecko   In reference to Message Id: 2300575

 New problems with my goldie

As another note... she is not blocked up because she gave a pretty good poop today. She is not dehydrated because she is peeing.

08/22/13  12:33am

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