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 New Golden Gecko

I have had Marty for about 2 weeks now, he just finished his first shed since i’ve had him. I have read some several websites that they like bananas, apple sauce, and mago baby food but i can’t seem to find how much to give them or how often. maybe you guys can help me out a little

08/06/13  10:49am


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  Message To: Amandabear90   In reference to Message Id: 2300240

 New Golden Gecko

Congrads on your new goldie.

Fruit should only be given as a treat, and can be a great way to sneak in calcium powder if the goldie doesn’t want to eat it on food. Stick with non-acidic fruits. Old mangos, bananas, and apricot babyfood will all work. Try to stay away from apples.

All you need is a tiny amount in a cup. Once a week at most, and remove the fruit after a night so it doesn’t spoil.

Take many pics and post them up =D

08/07/13  02:29pm

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