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 Hard to keep humidity in cage

My roommate recently took in a golden from somebody who was giving it up to pet store. We have found it was really hard to keep the humidity in the tank, according to hygrometer its always at 40%, we would mist it a lot it would go up to about 70-75% and go back down to 40 within the hour. We have the rainforest reptile soil substrate, a big branch and some plants that one of the guys at the reptile store gave us from his gecko tank, and a light that we keep on during the day, the light dries out the tank even faster. Is there something we’re doing wrong? Also with the soil substrate how and how often would we have to clear out its droppings, they’re not easy to see.

04/29/12  12:11am


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  Message To: Swaf   In reference to Message Id: 2264672

 Hard to keep humidity in cage

how large is your tank?
what are your temps?
what wattage is your lighting?

if your hygrometer is near your lighting or heat source move it away from there as they will always have a drier/lower reading.

you could try covering part of your tanks enclosure(mesh cover) with aluminum foil
or some will even place a damp towel(away from electric items) on the mesh cover
in an attempt to raise humidity levels.

or you could just get a humidifier(ultrasonic) safety 1st 360* degree Ultra Sonic available at target works great

04/29/12  11:04pm


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  Message To: Rokdog   In reference to Message Id: 2264798

 Hard to keep humidity in cage

What Rok asked.

Also, it depends on the hygrometer. If it’s digital, it should be okay, but the analogue ones need to be set at purchase and once a year after that to read consistently. If you have an analogue and need directions on correctly setting it, just ask.

Tanks with a screen mesh at the top let humidity escape easily. Try covering half of the top with something to help keep humidity in. Or, if your tank is too small and you’re a walking money bag, get a 20 to 30 gallon reptile tank with front doors and solid top. Those keep humidity in great.

There are three successful ways to keep humidity up that I’ve come across.

One is to buy a fogger (some spit water, so it’s best to have a cap on the cup you put it in, or just buy a fogger/waterfall combo)

Two is to use a humidifier, attach a tube to it, and run the tube into the tank.

The last is to get a drip system in there. Some people use a timer, pump, and hose combo to create something like you’d see in the vegetable department at the grocer. I use an empty and washed bottle of poweraid (or any drink bottle), poke a tiny hole in the bottom, poke a tiny hole in the lid, attach a rubberband around the bottle, fill it with water, and put it upside down on the lid to drip into the tank and keep the soil damp. I’ll refill and use the drip once a week on the drier months.

It also helps to have plants in the tank. Misting the tank leaves droplets on the leaves, which then, shaded, will stay longer.

04/29/12  11:32pm


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  Message To: KrazyKelli   In reference to Message Id: 2264804

 Hard to keep humidity in cage

Oh, also, I clean the walls of the tank monthly. Just a simple Windex (nature-friendly) scrub-down and air-out for 10-15 minutes while my goldie hangs out in a container. The dirt gets changed out completely every 3 months. I don’t bother scooping the poop like I do with my leopard geckos because Sade will crap anywhere in there. On the dirt, on the accessories, on the leaves, he’s a crap machine. The only time I clean out the dirt and/or wash the accessories faster is if it starts to smell - which sometimes happens if I switch to a cricket-only diet for a long period of time.

04/30/12  12:11am


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  Message To: Swaf   In reference to Message Id: 2264672

 Hard to keep humidity in cage

I suggest getting a cypress substrate, or a substrate that holds moisture really well. Then once in the morning and once at night poor in 1/2-1 cups of straight spring or distilled water into the substrate and then spray the tank a few times. I’ve done this and it works really well, keeps the humidity about 70% all day!

01/30/17  01:10pm

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