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 My Goldie is a RUBBISH hunter!

My Golden Gecko is not the worlds greatest hunter. However hard he tries he just can’t catch crickets. I must admit that this is my first ever Gecko. I’ve read numerous care sheets and none state that this is a common problem so I’m not sure what’s wrong. I feed him at around 8pm and I give him 2 or 3 wax worms (one day a week) and mango or banana every other day (he doesn’t seem to like his greens) and he eats them no problem. I’ve tried him on size 3,4 & 5 crickets and he rarely catches even one although he does try. It’s like they’re too fast for him. So for the 6 weeks I have had him he has mainly eaten the fruit and a few wax worms and his skin is now looking dry but not sure if its due to poor diet or he could just simply be due a shed I’m not sure how often he sheds? Any advice is gratefully accepted. Thanks.

09/30/11  02:45pm


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 My Goldie is a RUBBISH hunter!

Goldies shed roughly once a month. They normally do it at the dead of night and, unless sick, will eat the evidence.

The tank should be humid. I’m talking 75% some humid. If you aren’t misting his tank throughout the day or he isn’t with a fogger, it may be why his skin is dry.

Waxworms are addictive, as is fruit. He may be half-hearted about eating the crickets because they don’t taste as good as the addictive stuff you’re giving him already. It’s like only feeding a kid McD’s, then trying to feed them spaghetti out of nowhere. For now, stop giving him that junk. Don’t feed him for a week. And don’t worry, they have a very slow metabolism; one week wont do anything to his weight (and if it does, see a vet about parasites.) Then give him either some large crix, or put a few of the liveliest mealworms you can find in an in-escapable cup/dish. You’re welcome to put the mealies in with a tiny bit of fruit if he isn’t enticed at first. After you put the food in the tank, turn off the light and go to bed/leave the room. Check in the morning to see if any are missing. Trust me, you’ll hear him charging forward to grab a bug.

Also, golden geckos are insectivores. Insects only. That’s why he wont eat vegetables. They eat fruit as a once a week to once a month snack, but don’t do it for a while. Feed him a staple food, such as crickets, mealworms, silkworms, or small roaches (if you can find them). You can also try feeding him one superworm. Superworms are more nutritious than crickets/mealies, but also have a little bit of fat. I put them into a gecko’s diet for variety. Waxworms and butterworms are ’fatty worms’, addictive, and should only be given as a snack or not at all. Do not feed pinkies or ’giant mealworms’; both cause internal discomfort.

Can you give me a rundown of your set up, what your temps/humidity are, what type of bulb are you using (if you’re using a lamp), and what type of calcium are you dusting on the insects? If possible, give a picture of the tank.

09/30/11  08:37pm

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