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 Gecko wont eat, or move

So yesterday was my birthday, and as a gift my girlfriend got me a 20 litre tank with a golden gecko. This is the first reptile ive owned so Im still learning some stuff. I got the lamp and the heat pad to one side of the aquarium, and I keep the temperature to 75ish at all times (leave the light on 24/7) thats what the guy at the store told me. So I got him on thursday, and apparently they fed him that day, so I thought I wouldnt have to feed him for a while.

After I got him settled in and everything I went to petsmart to get crickets. When I was there I thought it would be a good idea to get another gecko from the aquarium he was in at the petstore, just so he has some "company". So I got crickets, and I got a white lined gecko. I got home and put the white lined gecko in and I put 4 crickets in.

This is when I realized my golden gecko seems to be very timid and stressed. It had barely moved at all all day. Then when I put the crickets in the white lined gecko instantly ran around the aquarium and ate 3 of the crickets before the golden gecko even moved. The last cricket walked right onto the golden geckos leg and he didnt even budge. So I took him out and put him in a small container with 2 crickets, and he still didnt do anything.

I put him back in and hes now sat under a log for the rest of the day without moving. The white lined gecko even walked right ontop of him and sat on top of him for a solid 20 minutes and the golden gecko didnt do a thing.


If not then is this normal behavior for a golden gecko? If not what would the problem be?

One other thing, I was told to spray the aquarium once a day. But Ive sprayed it about 3 times a day until the moisture level reads 75-80% then after about 10 minutes it quickly drops down to about 35-40%. Should I just stick to spraying once or twice a day or should I listen to the moisture level indicator?


04/03/11  04:04am


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 Gecko wont eat, or move

The humidity has to be high (around 70%), the temps have to be in the high 80’s on the hot side.

You should not ever house two separate species of lizard together. Or even two goldies. Males fight to the death. Goldies are territorial. They don’t ’need’ companions or make friends. That and it’s 1 lizard per 20 gallon, so the fact that you have 2 in a 20 is far Far too cramped.

The goldie isn’t moving because it’s cold and stressing to death. Most golden geckos are also wild caught and it’s probably full of parasites (which, if you have a healthy white lined, would put it in danger too.)

Get another 20 to 30 gallon tank, separate the two, and do proper research. Look at care sheets. Fix what needs to be fixed. And take the goldie to a vet in the future for a deworming.

Also, keep in mind that lizards need a week minimum to settle in. In this time they need privacy, seclusion, and to generally be left alone. Not doing so can stress the goldie into starving itself to death. Sometimes goldies need a longer settle in period, up to 2 months, simply because they’re wild caught and upset about the whole matter.

Link - care sheets. Check out the top ones. The best of the three are CroB’s, DragonD’s, and mine own. Some caresheets on google are absolutely terrible, like talking about putting 2 goldies in a 5 gallon tank and stuff. Be warned to use proper judgment when you browse.

04/03/11  10:28am

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