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 Golden gecko wont eat

yah so my golden gecko wont eat ì give small pieces of melon,smashed banana,baby food (100% real fruit) but theres so many sorts of real food EX­­: powder,chunks,like a pudding as well witch one is th e most efeciant. i need a responce as soon as posible cause im getting attached and oh yah is it the best to use soil like potering soil for the ground to keep it humidand what kind of light just to make sure

10/24/10  06:48pm


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 Golden gecko wont eat

I need more information:

Tank size, temps, exact humidity percentages, how long you’ve had this goldie, if it’s been dewormed yet by a vet, etc.

New goldies will not eat for quite some time. They’re freaking out and take a long time to settle in. This is especially so with wildcaught and farm goldies, which tend to have huge parasite infestations. Little things will stress a goldie out and they are known for being stubborn - so can easily starve itself to death if stressed out.

First off, golden geckos are insectivores. Fruit in a blue moon is fine, but it can be addictive and the goldie may refuse actual food. They need bugs. Live bugs. Mealworms, silkworms, crickets, and occasionally superworms. If it isn’t moving and isn’t active, the goldie will not be interested. Put a plastic see-through party cup of bugs in the tank and leave the goldie alone. See if the goldie goes after the bugs after a night or two.

Tape a cut up grocery bag or cardboard over three outer walls of the tank and have the tank in a room without much activity - away from any windows. Don’t mess with the goldie or try to handle it at all, as this will make things worse (golden geckos are a ’look, but do not touch’ display species, not meant for handling). Give it tons of places to hide. Outside of misting the tank once or twice a day and changing the water/food, don’t mess with it. Some goldies take a month or two to settle in, some take over a year. Depends on the goldie’s stubborn streak, where the goldie came from, and the goldie’s general temperament. Stressing makes things worse.

Schedule a vet appointment after a while for a fecal test and deworming if you haven’t already.

Otherwise I need to know how your tank is set up to help you more.

10/25/10  03:03pm

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