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 The Apartment Experiment

I live in an old apartment complex in Colorado. There are countless tiny cracks throughout the place. Despite all the cleaning and glue traps, I have a minor roach problem due to my neighbors. I decided to try a fun/creative solution: get a Gecko. The owner of a local reptile recommended a Golden Gecko since it could tolerate the low humidity and temperatures when wandering away from it’s heat lamp/soaking area. He’s still pretty shy, hiding in the heat lamp(temp is reading @85 degrees F) area behind the couch.
What are some ideas to promote his health and hunting desires?
Food-Will he eat insects that are already dead? I don’t need crickets running around my place.
Fruit-What kind and how big of pieces should I leave in his living area?
Humidity- Should I get spray bottle to mist him? and if so, how often?
Drinking- I read that only some Geckos learn to drink from a bowl, that they prefer it off of leaves. Would misting the leaves of an artificial plant work?
I’m sure I forgot something, suggestions are greatly appreciated!

09/15/10  12:39pm


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 The Apartment Experiment

Golden geckos live in the tropical rainforests of Vietnam. They need an environment with a humidity of 60 to 80%, 70 to 75 preferred. They also like having tons of hiding places because goldies will stress terribly easily and need places to hide. Stressed goldies are stubborn and will refuse to eat. Tank needs to be 89 or so F on the hot side with a 10 degree temp difference in the low side.

I’ve heard stories of people losing their goldies (because they are pretty smart and know that opening a tank lid leads to the outside world) and not being able to find them for months, but that’s normally in warmer climates. What are you going to do when winter comes? What if the goldie freaks out and finds its way into the air duct or wanders into a heating vent looking for warmth? What if it gets outside and spreads some disease to the local animal population (since almost all goldies are wild-caught or farm bred and are full of foreign parasites).

The best way to get rid of a roach problem is to bugbomb your place and properly store food. Caulk the cracks. Letting a gecko roam around the home is going to dehydrate it and ultimately make it very sick.

09/21/10  06:34pm

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