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 Is it stressed

O.K. i got my kids geckos (two diff. cages ) the one is eating fine the other hasnt eaten in the three days weve had it my son was holding it and didnt know its tail would come off so there is that can i tell him to stop worrying ive been reading on here they sometimes wont eat for awhile being in a new enviroment tried mealworms now crickets both with the calcium also got the stimulant cube things they are orange not sure what i should do maybe give it time to get settled please let me know what to do

03/04/10  12:31am


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  Message To: Gigidygecko   In reference to Message Id: 2129592

 Is it stressed

Golden geckos are more of a display lizard and should not be handled, especially since most are wildcaught or farm bred and therefore come with parasites. You should also teach your kid about salmonella, which is a fun learning project that can be a great tool in teaching hygiene and germs. Well, if taught in a dumbed down sort of way (for real little kids, I mean).

The reason for not handling is that their skin can tear very easily and they can, as you’ve seen, go off food from the stress of it. The goldies should also be in a secluded room such as a bedroom, instead of the constant activity of a livingroom or whatnot. And the tanks should be away from windows for practical purposes. The best way to promote seclusion outside of where the tank is placed is to tape a cut up grocery bag or cardboard over three sides of the tank. Lastly, the tank should be a 20 gallon or larger for an adult golden gecko to feel comfortable.

A golden gecko is one of the most stubborn of the gecko species. If it’s stressed out, it can easily starve itself to death; though I wouldn’t worry at this point in time. A goldie starving itself to death is a goldie not eating for months, not days. Reptiles have an extremely slow metabolism and can go a long time without food.

The general rule for introducing any reptilian pet to your home is to leave it alone for a week, excluding food, water, and misting. The gecko may not eat for up to the first week or until it has settled in. You can get a plastic see-through party cup (one with slick sides) and fill it with fifteen to twenty mealworms, prop it in the back corner of the tank, and leave it there. Then remove it and count how many are left in two to three days. I recommend putting it under the lamp, so the warmth will make them more attractive to the lizard.

If the goldie doesn’t eat past day 10, schedule and see a vet to rule out parasites or the such. The vet can teach you how to syringe feed if/when necessary.

If you ever, for any reason, have to return the golden gecko to the pet store. I highly recommend you get a crested or gargoyle gecko in its stead. Both can be handled, have a more herbivorous diet (cresties can live off of something called ’crested gecko diet’ for their entire life), and are two of the best beginner lizard species out there. Another species of lizard your kids may like in the future is the leopard gecko, which can live in a 10 gallon tank happily, can be handled, and are the most tolerant of all beginner lizard species.

03/04/10  09:59pm


Geicko gecko
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  Message To: KrazyKelli   In reference to Message Id: 2129946

 Is it stressed

well put u are a real good person for helping people krazykelli

03/30/10  04:40pm

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