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 Feeding my new geckos?

hi i have resently rescued 2 g.g’s

i know about feeding them crickets and things like that but it was the fruit and baby food that confused me a little,
what type of fruit is it they like and is it only sertain types of baby food? like do they have the slightly chunky baby food or the really runny stuff and is there certain flavours to stick to eg. fruit, meat or can they have all of them like the choc puddings too????

any other tips welcome on them i am new to owning reptiles and i have read alot about them and the previous owners have told me a bit and got tips from reptile shops when buyin all there bits n bobs n crickets but extra hint and tips are good iwant them to have the best life goin. (like any one would for there g.g’s)

12/08/09  05:51am


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 Feeding my new geckos?

Well, before I start you should be aware of the fact that golden geckos are territorial, so I hope you have them in separate 20+ gallon tanks. Males will eventually kill each other. Even if one happens to be a rare female, keep an eye on them carefully (if together) as stress can still occur, as well as over-breeding and dominance. That’s the problem with housing goldies together; they either don’t get along or stress each other to death.

Fruit and/or fruit babyfood; and only once a week as a snack. It’s addictive and rots quickly, so needs to be removed either when the day is done or in the morning. Goldies are primarily insectivorous and can eat crickets, mealworms, silkworms, and roaches as a staple, as well as butterworms, superworms (for adults only), and waxworms as snacks (3 a week).

Mashed fruit is the best and if you do feed it with small pieces, be sure they wont choke the goldie any. They don’t chew their food all that reliably.

The best fruits are those with a low acidity level. Avoid oranges, red apples, tangerines, etc. Aim for old bananas and mangoes. Bananas are the best as they can be mashed with ease. You can also use apricot baby food.

Obviously you shouldn’t feed chocolate pudding to your golden =P And the only time I found myself using meat babyfood/catfood was when my goldie was dieing of parasites and starvation (when I first purchased him), and that was with a syringe. The mashed meat garbage didn’t do all that much and whole insects were the better option.

12/08/09  11:08am

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