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 Help live egg! Golden Gecko

Hi all,

I was handling what I thought was dead egg when it cracked upon further inspection hatch-ling inside is alive. What should I do? The egg is damaged. Will it survive how do I care for a hatch ling? New to all this rescued the expecting mother last year got her two friends and now we have eggs. Oh and I guess maybe two more babies after this......

08/15/09  07:09pm


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 Help live egg! Golden Gecko

If the egg is cracked, the hatchling - unless far enough along - will probably die.

As for the others, do not move them or turn the eggs. Turning the egg will kill the hatchling. The egg is literally cemented on where laid and trying to remove it would more than likely result in breaking. Instead, do your best to put a plastic cup over the eggs to protect them from the mother and excess humidity - putting small holes in the cup for the eggs/future hatchlings to get air. Once they hatch, remove the cup with hatchling and put it in a large reptile carrier or small tank with set up similar to the adult. It will not eat until its first shed - which usually takes up to a week. Feed it fruit flies, then small crickets when it’s large enough. If only one hatchling hatches, then remove it when you see it and replace the cup over the remaining egg.

The plastic cup technique not only keeps the eggs safe from being crushed, but prevents the mother from eating her offspring.

Females tend to lay eggs 2 at a time every 3 weeks, and usually lay two to three times.

08/16/09  02:08pm

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