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 Help please?

So, I recently purchased a Golden Gecko from the local pet shop.

He’s in a 20 gallon tall aqaruim, with Bed-a-beast substrate, and about five fake plants. And a flexible reptile vine to climb on. He has a shallow water dish and two half-log hiding spots.

But he seems very stressed out.
He’s nearly black in color, he was bright gold when I purchased him.

I’ve had him a little over a week.

He hasn’t eaten yet, and rarely even moves.

Any ideas what might be wrong?
Is it just stress, or something more?

Thanks alot.

07/16/09  08:18pm


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  Message To: Schyler   In reference to Message Id: 2040619

 Help please?

Actually, Im being told this may be a 30 gallon?
Im not too sure.

But please let me know if I should be doing anything different.
Thank you.

07/16/09  08:58pm


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  Message To: Schyler   In reference to Message Id: 2040647

 Help please?

I could be stress. I heard that some goldies would take months to get comfertable.Mine only took a day or two to get comfertable. if it doesnt start eatin you may have to forcefeed it untill it stats eating on its own.O and try to get it checked by a vet soon to see if it is sick or anything.

07/17/09  12:06am


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  Message To: Spankie   In reference to Message Id: 2040732

 Help please?

Wow, force feeding?

Well he’s eaten, from what I can tell.
I covered three sides of the tank with paper grocery bags, and left him alone for the night.

I checked on him this morning and he was on the glass climbing around, and the two crickets I put in were no where to be seen :}

He’s still pretty dark in color, but he seems to be lightening up a bit. Hopefully he’ll return to his pretty golden color =)

I’ll get him a vet appointment as soon as I can.
Any ideas how much this may cost?

07/17/09  01:21pm


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  Message To: Schyler   In reference to Message Id: 2040859

 Help please?

Nope but im glad your goldies doing better good luck with it.

07/17/09  02:56pm


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  Message To: Spankie   In reference to Message Id: 2040924

 Help please?

So far you’ve been doing the right things and the other member has helped you out some with the basic answers. Try to keep the tank in a secluded room without too much traffic, as well as away from windows. He needs a lamp (all you’ll need is a basic 40 watt bulb for it) to help him thermoregulate, as well as moderate-high humidity. The lamp should be 6 inches above the tank and not directly on the lid.

If you only paid about ten dollars for your goldie (or around that), schedule a vet appointment. Most pet store goldies are wild caught or farm bred (and thus will have parasites). Those that aren’t, or have been treated with dewormers, are therefore more expensive. Females are also about 8 times the price of males in today’s market. The new atmosphere and such will probably stress the goldie, which will subsequently up the parasite count in it.

So long as the goldie has plenty of things to hide around, and some stuff towards the top of the tank as well, it should settle in in under 2 months. Just leave it alone outside of food and water. You can also, optionally, put a plastic cup in there and try giving the goldie regular mealworms. Put 10 or more in the cup and the goldie will notice the movement and/or eat at night. That way it’s easier to tell if the goldie is actually eating or not. If the goldie isn’t going for the mealies, you can add a mashed up piece of banana in the cup as well to entice it - but only do this for a short while so the goldie doesn’t get addicted to the fruit.

You don’t have to forcefeed unless your goldie goes on a hunger strike. If your goldie doesn’t eat for 10 or more days, see a vet. They will teach you how to use a syringe.

07/27/09  03:52pm


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  Message To: KrazyKelli   In reference to Message Id: 2046172

 Help please?

If you are not using UV and just a red bulb THERE colors will not be as bright. Though if you want to see your gecko active you may still want to use it. Also try feeding some some apple sauce that might work.

07/31/09  10:22am

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