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I got a Golden Gecko Sunday at the Reptile Expo.. I had a Bunch of questions but most of them ive answered by readin other post but still shady on a few of them..First, I read that males are more golden and females are olive-brown. My represent both colors. During the day its really gold besides his head and feet which are a little duller but when day light goes out and night light goes on he turns olive brown also he turns golden when i bring him out of the tank.. Second, He hasnt eaten sence i brung him home except he took a lick of a little thing of mashed up banana i put in there.. Is this due to the recent change of enviroment... His temps are Mid 90s during day and low 80s during night. I mist twice a day. In the tank i have A big bendy branch with a half log on part of it for a cave and the rest to climb on the sides i have 2 Plants to hold humidity and more climbing area. I have a water bowl a Repti-hammock also.. Sorry for the lengthy post. i just want to ensure my geckos health and safe-being.
-Thanx Booker

04/14/09  05:03pm


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Golden geckos are unusually stubborn and will try to starve to death if stressed. Keep the tank in a secluded room away from any windows, tape a grocery bag over three sides of the tank, and leave him alone for a week. If he doesn’t eat past 10 days, see a vet to learn about syringe feeding and parasites. Even if he starts to eat and acts spiffy, make sure to go to the vet regardless sometime in the next month for the initial checkup, then once a year for fecal tests.

Males are golden, but can turn a dark brown to almost black if stressed out. They can also go a darker shade when trying to camouflage in with their surroundings.

The tank should be 75% covered in things for him to hide around. Temps should be low 90s on the hot side (89 to 90 is good). You should have a digital hydrometer and thermometer in the tank. Humidity should be around 75%, and, well, you already know about temps.

The tank should be a 20 gallon or bigger. Bigger is Always better.

04/15/09  07:11pm

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