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 Thread about my Marbled gecko

Not a golden gecko, but a close cousin that lives in Australia. The species is much more spazzy than the golden and mine bites me all the time (while my goldie only bites me when I really deserve it).

Recently my marbled gecko developed a bump at the base of her tail. It was out of the ordinary, so I e-mled a new vet in the area. Don’t get me wrong, I already had a reptile vet, but her prices were steep and I didn’t trust how she handled situations. So anyway, I described my situation to the new vet and he was all, "Oh, I’m sure your MALE gecko is fine." Which is an absolutely hilarious response. It turns out that he deals with new reptiles from Petsmart and such places and he gets the casual beginner worries.

I explained to him that my gecko was female, that she’s laid eggs in the past, and thus an appointment was scheduled.

Turns out it was a small abscess. The vet told me to keep an eye on it.

A month or two passed and her bump progressively got bigger. If Axe the marbled gecko was a human, it’d be the size of a cantaloupe to give a comparison. Two sheds ago I noticed a red dot on it, but simply stayed put. This last shed, late night last Monday, revealed a more scarred appearance. Catching the sucker and prodding her with a Q-tip, I learned that her abscess had ruptured.

An immediate vet visit later (on Wednesday), the vet lanced her wound and took out all the hard white globules in there. I removed post of the more white substance with the q-tip before. I was terrified during the visit due to the fact that I didn’t want to send my fragile lizard into shock. Now I’m giving her antibiotics.

I seriously hope I never have to go through that again with any lizards. I looked up abscesses online concerning lizards and learned that most who get one on their stomachs or midsection end up dieing. So I’m particularly lucky that Axe had hers on the tail.

So that’s my story right now. Axe is still eating fine, fleeing from me, biting, growling, and her tail looks way more normal than it did. Goes to show you that the vet is Always the right solution in unusual cases.

01/29/09  07:07pm


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 Thread about my Marbled gecko

Well thats good.

03/26/09  06:50pm

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