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The Big Bad Cam
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 Golden Gecko

Hey I was wondering on purchasing a Golden Gecko, but i already have 2 Red Eared Sliders and a Green Anole. I have a fairly large enclosure that came with a stand, it is 19" tall 30" in length and 13" wide. The problem is I know absolutely nothing about these creatures at all. I am hoping some people can give me some starting tips on the substrate, lighting and other things needed for the little guy... or girl.

I believe they are arboreal, I am not sure tho... anything will be much appreciated. :D

01/12/09  02:41pm


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 Golden Gecko

sorry for not getting to this thread sooner. Your first order of business is to look at the caresheets for golden geckos on this website. The top three I recommend looking at is mine, Cro B’s and Dragon D’s. Then you should make decisions based on what you read.

They can be a hard and expensive gecko to care for.

01/29/09  06:57pm

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