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SR-71 Blackbird
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 My gargoyle family

The other post of mine is so old >.< I have 5 gargoyles now, and plan on going to the San Diego Reptile Show on June 18th or 19th! I am looking for a MALE pure b/w gargoyle, and a red retic/stripe/blotched female.

Kingsford. 20 grams male red stripe.

Dublin. Male, 15 grams Brownish (blue at night believe it or not) stripe...thing. Not really anything fancy but I LOVE him!

(I know the ground is dirty, I was cleaning the cages.)

Rowan, my little baby girl (not sure on sex yet though)! 12 grams.

Cassinova, female 35 grams contrast redish stripe. Will be paired with Kingsford next year. Hope his brighter colors will bring out more reds!

And Jabba the hutt, she has no male ): 37 grams female.

05/26/11  01:56pm


Mumbos Momma
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  Message To: SR-71 Blackbird   In reference to Message Id: 2221123

 My gargoyle family

Gorgeous & my god,what camera do you use?

07/10/11  09:53pm

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