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 Researching these Geckos... A couple questions!

Hi everyone,
I’ve been checking out Cresteds, too, just trying to learn as much as I can. I looked at a bunch of the previous topics, I hope I don’t repeat myself too much, I know you all must get a ton of newbies all the time.

Is a 55 gallon too large for an adult Gargoyle? I have this size tank sitting unused, gathering dust. I haven’t been able to find a different kind of lizard that will be comfortable in it besides those that eat crickets, which I would like to avoid. That’s why I am looking into Gargs and Cresteds. I understand that a 55 is way too large for babies, but what if I raised the baby in a smaller enclosure then moved it once it was grown? Or what if I just ordered an adult Gargoyle to start with, would it be okay in the 55 tank?

Can anyone suggest a good website to order from?

Thanks, I appreciate the advice!

12/01/10  06:54pm

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