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 Garg feet darkening?

My garg is about three years old, and has been spending days for the last 2 months or so in his hide where I can’t see him. Occasionally he’ll be on the back wall, but today was on one of the side glass walls when I woke up, and I noticed his feet look darker than "normal". It’s obviously a bit hard to know what normal is when I haven’t seen the bottoms of those feet in a while! I do have an old picture (from maybe a year ago) of them, but the lighting isn’t great. I can tell the feet were a bit dark (compared with his underbody), but can’t make a good comparison.

I sprayed the cage a bit, as per normal, and once the glass got wet he started sliding down. I picked him up, and my biased opinion is that they felt less "sticky" than normal - but he was climbing bare glass last night and this morning, so they obviously are working!

I’m just a bit worried about the feet, and why they might be (if they are, and I’m not entirely sure!) getting darker. Any thoughts? Is this something I should worry about?

This is the old pic I have - you can see the dark feet in the top left. It’s actually almost 2 years old, so from when he was about 1.

10/01/09  11:41am

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