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 Garg heat

I was planning to get a crested gecko, however came to realize that the heat in my room reaches far too high. I was told that 85 is dangerous for cresties. However, after looking at caresheets for gargies (which aren’t that different than Cresties and also an option), I learned that 85 is their optimal high.

Yet I was also informed that Gargoyle gecko setups are near identical to Cresties.

I wanted to double check this before doing more research. It would not be nice to buy one and then accidentally loose it due to temps of 85.

06/20/09  02:51pm


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  Message To: KrazyKelli   In reference to Message Id: 2025895

 Garg heat

everything that ive heard so far says that gargoyles dont really even need a heat light and just need to be kept upper 70s and you feed them crested gecko diet.

07/14/09  10:07pm

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